Remembrances of Things Past and Present

A Fishing Story for the Ages


About two years ago my father suffered a massive stroke and passed away. He was eighty-seven. Much of what has been written about the five stages of grief — Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance — leaves out an important sixth stage: Memory. Those of us left behind have to figure out how to conjure up and replenish our treasured memories. Too often we picture the dearly departed as we last saw them, frozen in time. For myself, I envisioned my dad lying in a sterile hospital bed. So I rewrote the script and coaxed out a better memory: I see him down by the lake, standing on a dock, fishing rod in hand, getting ready to cast his line to the sea. This is a better remembrance of things past…and of better things present.

My father is standing on the far right.

Writer, satirist, youth sports coach, dad, and owner of, a dinner delivery service in Denver, Colorado.

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